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(2023) Gallery Central

The entire Permission collection (shown below) is available to be exhibited. Original exhibition prints are displayed Archival Inkjet on Canvas- to enquire about exhibiting Permission in your space contact

Permission is latest exhibition from the female lens of Perth nude photography artist, Lauren Crooke. The collection features breathtaking and thought-provoking nudescapes captured across Australia which showcase Crooke’s trademark medium; the nude form of women and nonbinary people, with her radical, Western Art-inspired creative composition. Also showing are a selection of individual portraits and personal essays by the subjects which talk about their experiences aligning with the collections message. 


With both her signature photographic fingerprint Nudescapes (nude landscapes) and her visual activist language, this collection empowers viewers while inciting conversation and raising awareness about gendered sexual violence, oppression, and inequality, and encourages viewers to reflect on their feelings about the relationship between women and nonbinary bodies and the concept of Permission. 

Individual prints available for purchase - please contact for prices and printing options. 

Permission Exhibition Poster -4.png
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