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Artist Statement

Lauren's address to the participants of her high-stakes photoshoot on a busy intersection of Perth's financial district before it's commencement to remind them what we are fighting for. The image, later titled 'Permission' would become the catalyst for her following collection of works. 

This is MY body. 

It is under MY control. 

But the air I breathe swirls through a patriarchal filter that exists only to benefit a system that keeps me oppressed.

The automatic and subconscious sexualisation of the female was a decision made without us. And we refuse it. 

Permission has been taken from us time and time again.

We never gave permission for our bodies to be the centerpoint of sex and sin.

We never gave permission for our bodies to be commented on for entertainment.

Most of us - your daughters, mothers, sisters, friends - were not asked permission when we were touched, groomed, catcalled, groped, or assaulted. Many of which occurred in our place of work. By many of those in power, the seemingly untouchables. 

So today, we do not ask permission. 

We stand, in our bodies and in our power with or without approval. 

In the name of art and liberation.

We represent the fight for the equality of the marginalized. 

We ask the viewer; do not see us through the dominant sexualised male gaze that we experience when we look in the mirror, in the paper, on our TVs in our feeds. 

See us how we deserve to be seen - powerful, vulnerable, courageous, valuable. 

See us united. Representing hope, joy, pain, bravery, art and beauty. 

This is beyond body positivity. This is about unlearning and redefining our existence. 

We have stood before you clothed and angry, repeatedly, tirelessly fighting for a revolution for the rights of autonomy over our bodies. If naked and exposed is what it will take for you to pay attention -


Permission - Taken during peak hour at a busy intersection in Perth's financial district. The first photoshoot conducted without gaining permission.
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