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About Lauren Crooke

Lauren Crooke - Perth Photography Artist

Perth nude photography artist, entrepreneur, and owner and director Perth's leading boudoir photography studio, Crooked Images, Lauren Crooke, is widely-renowned for her ​breathtaking and thought-provoking mass group nude photoshoots that create her celebrated fine-artwork prints (Nudescapes) captured across Australia and showcase her trademark medium; the nude form of women and non-binary people with radical, Western Art-inspired creative composition that carries a powerful message. 


Crooke's photography empowers viewers and participants alike, showing women and non-binary bodies how they deserve to be seen, as works of art through the female lens. Her art works incite conversation while raising awareness about gendered sexual violence, oppression, and inequality, promoting body diversity representation and changing perspectives from the patriarchal male gaze. 

Since 2017 she has her unique fine-art photography has grabbed the attention of Australian media with two successful exhibitions and a documentary Tour De Nood (currently in production). Lauren Crooke continues to grow a community of likeminded people across Australia who are empowered and connected through her art and cause with more creative projects in the pipeline.

Combining art with activism, she has become a figurehead for women in the industry and uses her photography as her vessel to promote positive change. Lauren is a key note speaker in TEDx Perth's 2023 flagship event and a featured exhibitor in the Ballarat International Foto Biennale later in the year. 

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